watch online

Coming soon, we hope this page will be filled with content created in our workshops for visitors who want to learn about what we are doing.

Could be youtube clips of our workshops or showcases.

Could be an online course.

Could be film or music or live performance created by our community of artists.

Not sure, but we’re hopeful.  Stay tuned.  Get involved!


This is also an area where we will post great online resources from around the world, focused on sharing knowledge and excellence in Performance/Media craft.

We would like to start by introducing you to one of the best cinema education resources in the world;

Cinephilia is a unique repository of articles, screenplays, artifacts, interviews and documentaries on the greatest cinema artists and craftspeople – writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, composers.  There is so much to see and it is always being updated.  Highly recommended.

An amazing resource on Youtube: this Cinema Education channel has 100’s of unique clips and documentaries on the world’s greatest directors, actors etc. For those who want to familiarize themselves with the work process and perspective of leading artists and craftspeople in the motion picture arts.

More to come….

If you have a great resource you’d like to recommend, email us at