If a paid participant chooses to CANCEL their purchase of one of our programs, please email us at:  kensingtonartsinfo@gmail.com

Your Kensington Arts program purchase is 90% refundable up  to 14 days in advance of the COURSE or EVENT START.  The 10% deduction is for administration of transactions for the purchase and refund.

If a paid purchaser of a Kensington Arts program or event purchase cancels between 14 days in advance and the START of the FIRST CLASS of your PURCHASED COURSE or EVENT, your purchase is 80% refundable.  The reason for this is simple.  We MUST PAY for our rented facilities 14 days in advance of COURSE START.   If you all register for a class and cancel, we still pay for rented space.  Please consider your purchase in advance of committing to it.  Our preference is that we have NO refunds, and folks can make it and enjoy their workshop experience.  If you have to cancel, do so as early as possible.

On the date of your purchased COURSE or EVENT START, and following your COURSE or EVENT START, there is NO REFUND on COURSE PURCHASES.  That’s right.  If you buy it and it starts, you’re in – whether you attend or not and there are NO REFUNDS.  This is non-negotiable for any reason.

IF KENSINGTON ARTS chooses to CANCEL a COURSE PROGRAM or EVENT in advance of the START DATE or at any time following, Kensington Arts will provide Purchasers with a 100% Refund of their purchase price, pro-rated to the % of the program or event already completed. For example if 0% of the program is completed, you will receive a 100% Refund. If we have to cancel a Course for any reason, after 50% of the course is completed, you will receive a 50% Refund.  All refunds will be made to the credit card account made for the original purchase, only.  No cash refunds.

If you have any questions at any time before or after your purchase, please email us at kensingtonartsinfo@gmail.com

Thank you for participating with us.  Our goal is to give you a fantastic learning experience.


All participants MUST BE 18+.  We are not about excluding young people, but our insurance policies do.  No exceptions.

Participation rules for workshop participants and instructors should follow these simple guidelines: Respect, mutual permission, professional etiquette at all times is paramount; between instructors and participants and between workshop participants.

Sensitive material and activities:  If you are NOT COMFORTABLE with swearing, inter cultural exchange, physical activity sometimes with partners and sometimes with partners of opposite genders, emotional exchange included arguing, yelling and crying – If you are NOT COMFORTABLE with feeling, expressing and witnessing emotions – than ACTING PROGRAMS ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOU.   Please be fully aware of the activity you are about to participate in, and be honest with yourself as to what you can and cannot do.

That said, acting classes are not permission for dysfunction or disrespect.  You are learning to use movement, voice, emotional communication and team-work to present a “play” to an audience.  That is all it is.  It is not personal therapy for you to get out your frustrations or have free license to get intimate with others, in the guise of acting.  ASK PERMISSION for anything you think might be intimate for another person, or might be considered disrespectful. LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSE: NO IS NO.

Respect Privacy and Personal Space.  Exercise Caution:  Exercises, rehearsals and performance in CHARACTER is an act of pretend, no matter how “real” it feels.  Assume the other person is just going through a pretend exercise and they are NOT the character they are playing…no matter how angry they are, or insulting, or confrontational, or loving or intimate.  This is PLAY.  So do not carry it over past the “END SCENE” moment.   Please respect people’s privacy.  Do NOT give out your personal phone number or address or set up meetings in private spaces if possible.  Use email and attempt to rehearse in educational or professional or public spaces, or with more than 2 people present.   We are not paranoid – we want you to be professional and be careful. We cannot screen every participant – so do your best to be cautious and safe.  And always focus on creating a professional practice environment.  If you have any concerns, please choose the safe path, and contact us immediately.

Language – swearing is not encouraged, but don’t be surprised by it.  It is likely in performance situations, and in heated conversation!  Respect.  Rule 1.

Craft Level:  we do not set minimum standards for experience, expertise or talent levels for our workshop participants, be we do set guidelines for participation.  We are seeking participants who have a general working knowledge of their craft of interest.  You can be a 20-year professional or a 1st year rookie, but your passion, commitment, focus and dedication should be substantial.  And level of respect for others.  That is key.  We will do our best to challenge you to grow, at whatever level you are at.  Help us understand where you would like to go by taking a particular workshop and we’ll do our best to support that.

Theft or Personal Property Damage:  Any equipment, personal property or valuables brought on-site to Kensington Arts activities by participants or instructors and other support team members are NOT insured or guaranteed by Kensington Arts in the case of damage, theft or loss.  This includes your wallet, cell phone, clothes, books, COMPUTERS, keys, cash, cameras and everything else you bring.  It’s not because we expect a problem or your course-mates are not trustworthy – it’s because we work in public spaces where different folks can wander in off the street and we can’t keep an eye on everything all the time.  Please only bring things you can keep your eyes on, and do NOT bring anything you could not afford to lose.  Sorry.   If it happens, please remember that you have agreed to this policy in advance and do not look to us for reimbursement – you take sole responsibility for your personal property in our facilities and programs.


If you have any questions of what is OK or how to handle it, contact us anytime, the sooner the better. We’ll figure out the best way to go forward.


No sexual or interpersonal harrassment is acceptable at any time – in class or outside of it.  MUTUAL EXPLICIT PERMISSION is required for any interpersonal contact between parties, from asking for phone numbers to contact in scenes, to suggesting personal meetings.  ASK PERMISSION IN ADVANCE, LISTEN & ACCEPT THE RESPONSE. NO IS NO. Anything outside of that could be considered harrassment.  Treat folks respectfully, do not ASSUME anything and listen to what is comfortable for the other person and comply with that.  That is a good foundation for good relations.  IF THERE IS ANY BEHAVIOUR that is considered harrassment, Kensington Arts reserves the right to end your participation as an instructor or workshop participant without any further notice or refund or in the case of instructors, further engagement or remuneration.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact us at anytime:  kensingtonartsinfo@gmail.com

In the case of emergency, call 911 or contact us at 416.833.2276


As a participant in our workshops, you will possibly listen, see or participate with original content that is produced in our workshops, for example in a scriptwriting course.  The original work of any participant is the property of the originating author or authors and copyright exists at the time of this origination and first use.  There is no further notice required to protect this work.  You must respect the copyright and ownership of authors and not copy or reproduce this content without their advance, express permission.  To original authors, Kensington Arts cannot take responsibility for the protection of original content or the actions of class participants.  If you are creating sensitive material and do not want it shared, you may not want to present it in public groups or workshops like ours.  I believe that all participants will find themselves in similar circumstances and will treat all work with respect.