philosophy: diy

Kensington Arts has been created to develop performance/media arts talent through craft practice and community development. Using craft workshops as the foundation, we hope to create community connections and help artists take action to produce the work they are truly passionate about.  Instead of waiting for the industry to open closed doors and let them in, we encourage development of craft and content excellence, and organizing DIY Digital projects they can produce themselves, the way they want, now.

The situation:

Many young arts practitioners and students finishing film and theatre degrees, writing programs and other performance programs do not have an ongoing conservatory to practice and refine their crafts as they mature. They must find substantial funding or rare creative full time work to continue to work in their craft.

Generations of film-makers, theatre artists, musicians, digital artists can soon lose a chance to follow their life’s passion because they have no place in the industry in substantial creative positions. We have lost great work because of this and they have lost an opportunity to do what they love most.

An experienced generation of senior practitioners often lose creative opportunities as they reach middle age and end up wasting a wealth of knowledge they could share, if only given the right platform to do so.

The incumbent film, TV & mass media industries are often driven by commercialism, bureaucracy and politics. Artists and craftspeople often want to produce from an artistic, social or soulful orientation – but the industry is not oriented to broadly support this.

Internet & digital technologies are now changing this landscape.

Media performers and artists can now produce work of their own that can reach global audiences at extremely low cost. To do so successfully, they need to find a community to help them develop their skills, refine their work and connect with contributors to produce it.

We want to provide an artistic community hub that can help all of these folks. We are dedicated to develop media arts talent and content – using group craft practice as the foundation.  We also want to help facilitate connections between people and leading/inspiring them to go into action – to produce from the heart, and inspire us here and everywhere.

Kensington Arts is an attempt to seed a community of growing artists and media creative craftspeople who are committed to their craft, to working together to refine their art and create work they believe in, without requiring the blessing or investment of the sitting industry.

We hope our Craft Workshops in Performance/Media Arts will help develop generations of artists to grow together & create great work –  using a digital DIY approach and a primary focus on the content, their craft and the audience experience. We believe this is just as vital an approach as the incumbent pathways that lead to commercial or government support, and requisite compliance.

Our hope is to hone excellence, community and collective will, from here in the heart of Kensington.   The magic of the Kensington market as an eclectic, inspired, artistic global community is tactile.   We are proud to locate our organization here and look forward to the results of this alchemy.

We hope you will join in with a few of your equally passionate friends. And we can build it from there.

Thank you for visiting our site!