Instructor – Michael



Michael Kulas is a singer, songwriter, performer and composer. Michael was a member of British band James from 1997 to 2001 and participated in creating,  recording and touring 4 Top 40 albums including; Whiplash, The Best of, Millionaires and Pleased to Meet You, produced by legendary producer Brian Eno. Kulas returned to Toronto in 2001 and has since written and recorded two solo albums to follow-up his 1995, top 20 indie album Mosquito – the full-length Another Small Machine, and the 2006 EP, Imperial Cheerleader. Most recently, Michael has founded Interloper Music, a company devoted to writing music for film & television.

Michael will share his experiences in a course we like to call Rock Musician 101 – a high level overview for the emerging performer, band or band manager.  The course will explore the writing, performance and recording process, and provide an insider’s view on the many aspects of the music business. Sessions will include student performance of written work in process, student promotional plans for their current musical pursuit and an on-site studio intro.



Kulas Gtr BW