Courses (past & present)

Note – Small class sizes, limited space only.

‘SCENE WORKSHOP FOR ACTORS & WRITERS’ provides an opportunity for WRITERS to move their work from the page to performance – where actors can infuse their talents, process and characterization. ACTORS learn to characterize new material, practice preparation, rehearsal, working with writers & a director – to bring a character & a drama to life. THIS is the lifeblood of creating work – and actors and writers practice their individual craft to bring work to life at maximum realization. We don’t do this enough!

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‘ACTING FOR THE SCREEN’ is an intense, process-focused workshop for actors that will cover scene break-down, actor and cast preparation, on-camera presence, performance and director interaction.

In the 8 session workshop, participants will cover prep, monologues, dramatic scenes, and quick study work with newly written material.

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‘GETTING CONNECTED / MEISNER TECHNIQUE’ is a foundation practice in acting craft. Emotional opening, feeling/communication and being connected to your partners in the moment are core aspects of the “repetition” exercise.

Created by the renowned Sanford Meisner of the Neighbourhood Playhouse, repetition helps actors learn how to listen, how to answer, how to find your impulse, and how to follow your instincts. Meisner unlocks your emotional instrument, and teaches you how to work moment-to-moment. It will help actors create authentic presence – and a fresh, present aspect to your performance.

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The Micro Budget Feature SCREENWRITING WORKSHOP is a course intended to provide guidance, structure and craft to creating and designing a feature film that will rely on performance and human drama to excite audiences – and can be shot on a modest budget.

The Micro Budget Script Workshop combines a high level  structural approach to  constructing a feature film script – with the detailed investigation of scene craft. Our goal is to help you maximize drama, energy, momentum and character richness that your actors to bring to life.  For us, it is not just about crafting clever words, it is about designing powerful staged events, caught on camera. The goal is to help you construct an engaging FILM that can move into production with modest resources, to give you the best chance at production – and success.

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Shoot YOUR Scene! CUSTOM SCENE WORKSHOP – If you are AN ACTOR that wants to test yourself on camera, perform a character or scene that you feel best reflects your talents & sensibility or wants to update their demo reel with a full scene performance shot on location and in HD.  Or – if you are a WRITER or WRITER/DIRECTOR that has a script prepared that needs to be tested with actors, that you feel would benefit from creating a full demo scene shoot & edit, please get in contact with us to discuss and review the Custom Scene Shoot workshop.

SHOOT YOUR SCENE will allow you to perform your work.  You will SEE the results of your craft, on screen. It’s a great way to take the next step and test your work, test your craft.

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IMPROVISATION FOR ACTORS is a core competency skill for actors that want a PROCESS and TECHNIQUES for exploring scenes, situations, characters, motivations, back-story, dialogue and narrative experimentation – using IMPROV.   An aspect of the course is to remind the actor to be free and open to playing in a scene and to reduce being in their heads, through over-preparing and making intellectual decisions.  IMPROV will free you up to explore your instincts, and give you tools the next time a director says, “let’s just improv it.”  PS – and yes, you can get to funny too.

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The PRODUCERS WORKSHOPis intended to gather developing independent producers who are not interested in wasting years standing in line for doors to open or begging at the usual troughs for government or commercial funding.  We are focused on presenting real world case studies of completed, produced independent projects in feature film, web series, live events and festivals and even music – to unite those who are interested in gathering the resources of their community and network to develop, produce and release work NOW.

Our workshop structure will be ONE OFF Workshop Sessions with a guest Producer who will share their project’s journey from start to completion.  We will also work as a group in each workshop – to introduce those in the room, to identify what people are working on and what they are interested in, and we will break into sub groups to come up with strategies to address the most important obstacles participants are facing in their current projects.  Part CASE STUDY access into independent projects successfully produced, part community mobilization and part working group where we can harness the talent and brains in the room to come up with actionable strategies TO GET IT DONE.

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ROCK MUSICIAN 101 is designed to give the emerging performer, band or manager a high level overview on the creative process and the realities of navigating the business environment. The course will explore the writing, performance and recording process, and provide an insider’s view on the many aspects of the music business. Sessions will include student performance of written work in process, student promotional plans for their current musical pursuit and an on-site studio intro. Overall, the course is intended to provide an overview on the creative process and content creation, and an awareness of the crafts of interacting in the business for those who want to turn their passion into a paying career.

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Workshops in development for 2015;

  • Acting for Directors & Writers

  • Comedy writing and Performance

  • Digital Media Business Planning

  • Screenwriting II – Feature Script Sculpting

  • Directing Workshop