Course – Shoot YOUR Scene

Shoot YOUR Scene! – with our Custom Scene Workshop

If you are AN ACTOR that wants to test yourself on camera, perform a character or scene that you feel best reflects your talents & sensibility or wants to update their demo reel with a full  scene performance shot on location and in HD, this  CUSTOM SCENE SHOOT might be for you, or your scene partners.

Or – if you are a  WRITER or WRITER/DIRECTOR that has a script prepared that needs to be tested with actors, that you feel would benefit from creating a full demo scene shoot & edit, please get in contact with us to discuss and review the Custom Scene Shoot workshop.

SHOOT YOUR SCENE will allow you to perform your work.  As an actor, you will cast, locate and wardrobe your scene and our participating artists will help you rehearse, perform and shoot your material, as well as edit and deliver an edited piece for your promotional use.  Or as a writer, we will help you cast and workshop your demo shoot and our artists will carry out shooting and editorial.

You will SEE the results of your craft, on screen.   It’s a great way to take the next step and test your work, test your craft.  Because this is a full production workshop, we need to make sure you are ready and that we can provide the creative team you will need to support the workshop.

ALL CUSTOM SCENE SHOOT workshops will be considered and confirmed only following receipt of your scene proposal (1 paragraph description), CV’s of participating actors and/or writers and on in person briefing to consider the scope and requirements of the material.

To begin the process, PLEASE EMAIL us at  with your most convenient contact info and a one page scene description and we can begin the process.

For Kensington Arts:

Schedule – TBC by mutual arrangement

Workshop will usually include:

> Half day material/scope review and read through

> Half day performance rehearsal

> Half day SHOOT (on location)

> EDIT to Delivery of a first cut & output in MOV H264 file format.

COST:  $675 base cost

(plus any further prep, shoot or workshop requirements, to be confirmed)