Course – Writer Actor Scene Workshop

Workshop on SAT. Jan. 30th 2016:

Scene Workshop
for Screenwriters & Actors

Stuart Clarfield with Guests!

 Sat Jan. 30th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Scene writing & performance for WRITERS and ACTORS

Spots available – To participate send us CV (actors) or material (writers) by email to



The Writer/Actors SCENE Workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for WRITERS to move their work from the page to performance – where actors can infuse their talents, process and characterization, so WRITERS can be exposed to the final form of their work; an event to be staged.  ACTORS can learn to characterize new material, practice preparation, rehearsal, working with writers & a director – to bring a character & a drama to life.  THIS is the lifeblood of creating work – and actors and writers need to work together to help inform their individual craft and bring work to life at maximum realization.  We don’t do this enough!

We are inviting FIVE WRITERS to submit scenes and we will select the most relevant for performance in this workshop. Once scenes are selected, we will cast/invite TEN ACTORS to participate.   Here is the INFO.

Writer & Actors SCENE Performance workshop

Do you want to test your writing off the page and on the floor, with actors?
Do you want to see about how actors prepare and perform characters & scenes?
Do you want to work with a group of colleagues and meet new peers?
Do you want to learn more about scene-craft; so you can write more dynamic scenes?

If yes is the answer, we’ve got a workshop for you on Sat. August 16th

1. Writers: submit an original scene you would like to workshop.
A dramatic, performance driven 2-character (or 3 character) scene.
Maximum 4 pages, with interesting characters, dramatic situation.
(Note – it can be part of feature script, or a scene that is a work in development)
Email to by Sunday January 10th midnight

We will review submissions and choose up to 5 scenes/writers.
We will contact invited participants. You will have 24 hours to confirm.

2.  ACTORS: send us your CV by email to by Tuesday Jan 12th.  All are invited to send in your CV.   We will invite up to 10 ACTORS to participate – based on fitting actors to the roles in our selected workshop scenes.  We will contact participating ACTORS to confirm participation.

Cost is $65+HST for the workshop on Sat. January 3oth  (10:00 to 4:00 pm)

3. Our 10 actors participating will have a few days in advanced of the workshop to review scenes.
They will prepare and memorize their scene prior to the workshop (as best you can.  No need to be perfect!)

4. WORKSHOP on Saturday January 31st at St. Stephens, 365 College St. W.
at Bellevue, 2 blocks west of Spadina.

9:45 am arrival and intro.
Table reading of scenes
Actor scene rehearsal
Writer briefing on actor prep & scene dynamics
Staged scene run through
Writer/actor rehearsal
Stage scene performance
Workshop ends at 4:00 pm

Workshop presented by Kensington Arts in association with Meet Up & TAP.
Workshop leader Stuart Clarfield for Kensington Arts with Ivan Wanis Ruiz (TAP).

For info or scene submission, email us at:

Cost is $65 + HST for each participant. Once we have invited you to participate, please pay in advance by clicking PayPal button below:


Stuart Clarfield is a writer, director & producer with 25 years of experience creating drama and documentaries for TV, feature film and interactive.   Stuart wrote & directed his first feature “Welcome to the Parade” at age 22, executive produced the dramatic series “Love Hurts” and is currently adapting the novel “Dirty Bird” by Keir Lowther into a feature screenplay. He is currently Executive Producer at The Mission Media Company in Toronto, overseeing dramatic, documentary and interactive projects.

Ivan Wanis Ruiz is the executive director of Toronto Actors Practice and is an experienced and talented actor in the Vancouver and Toronto actor community.


SCENE Workshop for Writers & Actors
Saturday January 30th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: St. Stephen’s (Rehearsal Hall) – 365 College St. W.

Cost: $65 + HST (1 session)

MAXIMUM 5 SCENES FOR THIS WORKSHOP (5 writers can participate as individuals or as 2-person teams if both members sign up for the course.  We will cast/invite 10-12 actors to participate on specific scenes)

EMAIL your CV, scene draft or any questions/comments to: