about us

Kensington Arts is a new learning community for developing artists and creative craftspeople focused on key creative roles in Performance/Media, ranging from dramatic film, theatre, music and digital content.

We hope our Craft Workshops in Performance/Media Arts will help develop craft excellence and a broad community of artists, performers and producers who can grow together to create great work with a primary focus on content, craft and audience experience.

We believe building skill and community is just as vital an approach to creating great work as following the pathways that lead to commercial or government support and the requisite compliance required.  Technology has now removed barriers to production and distribution and opened up new digital options.     Our hope is to hone excellence, community and collective will, from here in the heart of Kensington.  We look forward to the results of this alchemy.

Kensington Arts is led by founder and Supervising Director, Stuart Clarfield.   He is joined by superb acting, writing, directing, performing and producing artists to help lead workshops – all with multiple decades of experience and practice.  We hope you will join in with your equally passionate friends.  And we will build from there.

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